Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Worries of the Taiwanese Workers

10 Worries of the Taiwanese Workers

What do the Taiwanese workers worry about the most in the next 10 years? According to a survey by Yes123, a Taiwanese employment site, they worry about the following top ten things:

1.       Persistent rising cost of goods (11.7%)
2.       Cannot afford to buy a house (10.7%)
3.       Can’t find a job (9.7)
4.       Unable to save for retirement (9.4%)
5.       No pay increment (9.2%)
6.       Cannot afford to rear children (7.5%)
7.       Long-term care for critically ill parents (6.7%)
8.       To be Retrenched (6.0%)
9.       Getting seriously ill or met with an accident (5.7%)
10.   No money to get married (5.6%)

 How do you cope with such situations?
Life is full of obstacles and problems and a positive mental attitude is the right way to face challenges. 
Here are some productive ways to address the pressing issues:

·         Solve the problems: Don’t worry and dwell on the problems but focus on getting solutions now to soften the impact or prevent them from happening. Taking action is the surest way to build your confidence and avoid anxiety.

·         Invest in yourself: The best way to combat inflation is to earn more.  To earn more you have to provide value. In order to provide value you have to be competent in what you do. Acquire more skills and stay updated is the way to be relevant, skillful and keep your job.

·          Save: As long as you are getting a regular income, you can set aside an amount every month. The amount may be small; it will accumulate over time with compound interest.  The most important thing is to start now.  You can save for a rainy day.  You can save, invest and grow your money. You can buy your dream house when the amount has grown big enough for an initial payment.  Managing your money requires discipline and faithfully following a budget to save and live within your means.

·         Look after yourself: Drive with care, avoid smoking and drinking. Exercise often, eat healthily and avoid junk food. When you take good care of yourself, you will stay fit, alert and healthy. You will avoid accidents and critical illnesses.

·         Live life positively: Do the best you can with what you have and be hopeful.  You may not be able to solve all the problems in life, but as long as you live one day at a time and focus on the present on the tasks at hand, life will be worth living.

What is your take?    

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