Saturday, May 19, 2012

Number your List Quickly and Easily with Excel

Are you familiar with Excel? How do you number a long list like 100 or 1000? Do you type 1, 2, 3… manually? You don’t have to and here is a quick and easy way to do so for Excel beginners:

1.       What is the first number of your list?  If it is 1 just type 1 and remain in the cell. You can even continue with a previous number and continue from there. You just remain in the cell of the last number and then click Fill and follow by Series.


2.       You will get the following form after clicking Series. Do you want to fill the numbers in rows or columns? Click accordingly. What is your step value? If your numbering is in sequence it is 1 and it has already done for you. If it is 2 you have to change it and your numbering will be 2, 4, 6……  What is the last number in the list? Just fill in the stop value. It can be 100, 1000, 10000 or any other numbers.    


3.       Press OK when it is done and the numbering job is also done too. Try it. It is quick and easy. 

Numbering a short list

There is another way to number a short list, say from 1001 to 1021 quickly:

1.       Type 1001 and 1002.
2.       Highlight the two cells.
3.       Place your cursor at the bottom right corner of cell 1002.
4.       Drag your cursor until you see 1021    
5.       Release the cursor and the numbering is done.

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