Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Things to Learn From Successful Salespeople

10 Things to Learn From Successful Salespeople

Salespeople possess certain positive characteristics that help them excel in what they do.  You may not be a salesperson but you are selling every day. You want to persuade others to accept your ideas.  You want to ask for a raise and you want to negotiate for better terms from your suppliers. At home you want to motivate your children to study hard and smart in school. You want to convince your spouse not to buy an item.  Here are 10 things you can learn from productive salespeople.
1.       Persistent: They will not take no for an answer. They will review the situation and try and close the deal again. In life, you try to do something and you fail. Just do it in different ways until you get it done.

2.       Confident: They dress smartly and they talk in a firm voice. They are sure of what they are doing.  You have to believe in yourself that you can achieve what you set out to do. Positive thinking is essential to live life and realize your goals. 

3.       Enthusiasm: They are proud of their products and services. They know they are selling something good for you. Are you eager to get to work when you wake up and get up in the morning? Enthusiasm is the fire in you that propels you to take action every day.

4.       Energy: They are energetic and excited to talk to people about their products and services.  They take care of their health and well-being. They exercise, they sleep well and they drink water throughout the day. They need the energy and the drive to perform well. Are you well-rested? Do you maintain physical fitness and mental alertness? To live and work well is to be energetic.      

5.       Challenging goals: Selling is a challenging job. They have targets and deadline to meet. They are driven by their goals. Do you have written goals so that you are focus in your daily life and do the right things every day? 

6.       Know the customers: To sell effectively they have to know the customers well. They have to find out about their problems and offer suitable solutions. When you want to ask for a raise do you know when the best time is to approach your boss? Is the boss happy with your performance? When the pay increment is justified and you approach your boss at the right time, you will get what you want.   

7.       Hard working: Successful salespeople work hard.  They are rewarded by their commitment and eagerness day in and day out.  Are you working on your goals every day? It is your daily effort that counts. You may work smart, but working hard makes a positive difference.

8.       Passionate: The job may be tough, but successful salespeople are not discouraged by problems and rejections. They love what they do and they continue to fine tune their approach to close more sales. When you are passionate in what you do, you enjoy the challenges and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacle in your life. 

9.       Stay in touch: They pay attention and are in constant contact with customers. When you care about others, they will notice it and response to you positively.    

10.   Good listeners: Successful salespeople talk less and ask more questions and listen attentively. They want to find out more about their customers so they can serve them better.   When you listen, you pay attention and actively respond to questions.  By listening you get to understand the message fully and act appropriately and avoid misunderstanding. Listen to your children and spouse for a closer relationship.  

What have you learnt from top salespeople?

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