Friday, May 11, 2012

One Dozen Simple Ways to be Happy Every Day

One Dozen Simple Ways to be Happy Every Day

Simplicity is the main ingredient of happiness. You will be able to find happiness in the simple things you do daily:

1.       A simple philosophy of life: Life, like the four seasons, goes in a cycle. It has its ups and downs.  Enjoy the up side and live the down side of life gracefully and be happy.

2.       Read motivational quotes: The best thing to do in the morning, instead of reading the depressing news, is to read some motivational quotes to uplift your mood and cheer you up for the whole day and stay happy.

3.       Find satisfaction in getting things done: Happiness is about living an organized life and getting things done according to what you have planned for the day. You will be happy because you plan your day and you complete your tasks.

4.       Enjoy eating: Do you enjoy eating? There is happiness in every single meal. First you thank God that there is food on the table and when you eat you do and think of nothing else but focus on eating slowly,  savor each mouthful and chew the food well. 

5.       Enjoy your breaks: Do you take breaks while working? You can get happiness while you take a break to have a cup of coffee and some snacks to go along with it. It is a wonderful way to refresh your mind and recharge your energy.  Don’t you feel good and happy after a break?

6.       Be simple: A simple life is wanting less and enjoying what you have. There is peace of mind and happiness because you are not disturbed by not having the things you want in life.

7.       Look for goodness in life: Look at the bright side of things. Seek the positive aspect of people and absorb only the good and avoid the bad and ugly. Happiness is getting positive attitude and attract positive ideas.

8.       Reading: The greatest pleasure in life is the ability to read, learn and enjoy doing it every day.  Read a few pages before you go to bed. Read while you are waiting. Read while you are on a plane or in the loo.  

9.       Listening to music: Be happy and inspired while you listen to music, especially classical music. Music is the food of the mind. Listen often to get over the moon and be in cloud nine.

10.   Take an afternoon nap: You may not be able to do it every day, but having an afternoon nap on a lazy Sunday is the simplest thing to pamper yourself. Feel good and be happy after a siesta.  

11.   Small acts of kindness: Gestures like smiling at people or waving at them are simple things to do to make others and yourself happy. Saying thank you more often is a great way to spread happiness around.  

12.   Call up a friend to chat and laugh out loud: You can call at home or anywhere at all to get connected and strike a conversation. You are able to reduce your stress when you speak your mind. Sharing a joke is a delightful thing to do and laugh out loud and be happy.

Do not complicate life, be simple and be happy.

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