Friday, May 4, 2012

10 Things Employers are looking for in Your Resume

10 Things Employers are looking for in Your Resume

Are you providing the vital information in a resume that an employer is looking for? Check out the following: 

1.      Matching job title: Be very specific about the job that you are applying for. When a company is looking for Head, Accounts Payable, don’t just state in your resume Accounts Executive. If you are looking for a job opening, state a title relevant to your experience and expertise so that a recruiter can decide immediately to consider your application or not.   

2.      Show accomplishments: It is not good to state what you have done up to now. An employer is interested to know what you have achieved. How much sales you have generated for the company.   What is the amount that you have reduced in expenses?  

3.      State experience relevant to post applied for: Using similar keywords as stated in the job description is more likely for you to be short-listed. It tells the recruitment officer that you are a potential candidate for the post. 

4.      Easy for the eyes: There is no time to waste for people at work to hunt for pertinent information, make it easy to read by using suitable font such as Times New Roman     with  12 points and written in not more than two pages.

5.      Your contact information: If you do not provide contact information on top of your page how do people get in touch with you?   

6.      Prioritize resume content: Show the most important things on the front page such as your achievements and relevant experience and skills.   

7.      Qualifications, skills and knowledge: An employer wants to know whether you can get the job done. It is vital to support your application with relevant knowledge, skills and qualifications.

8.      Career objective: An employer is also interested to know what you want to do in the position that you have applied for and solve their problems. As an example if you are applying for the post of Manager, Accounts Receivable, your objectives are to recommended creditworthy clients to open accounts with your company , ensure  timely collection of outstanding accounts and avoid bad debt.      

9.      A cover letter for your resume: This is a powerful tool to attract the attention of the recipient. The most important thing is to convince the employer that you have the skills and knowledge to do the job by stating your related achievements

10.  Edit your resume: Impress the employer with an error-free resume. Do not commit spelling or grammar mistakes. Check the facts to avoid glaring typos.

There is a Chinese saying, a good beginning is half the battle won. Your resume is your first contact with an employer; create an impactful first impression to gain an interview.  

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