Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 More Soul-Searching Questions to Ask Yourself

7 More Soul-Searching Questions to Ask Yourself

Is your daily life fulfilling, satisfying and happy? Do you feel you are living purposefully? Touch base with yourself with these soul-searching questions:

1.       Have I achieved what I have planned to do today?
Have I been productive? Am I able to get things done efficiently and effectively?
Did I procrastinate?  Am I doing the things that are aligned with my dreams and goals in life? Am I satisfied with what I have done today?

2.       Am I present today?
Am I living in the moment? Am I engaged and focused on doing the tasks at hand?
Have I avoided distractions? Living fully in the present and enjoying what you do is the greatest happiness in life.

3.       Have I taken good care of myself?
Have I had enough sleep? Am I feeling good every day and living energetically? Sleep sufficiently every night is the way to be rested and recharged to start a new day with enthusiasm. Have I kept my body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day?
Drinking water is an excellent way to sustain a high level of calmness and concentration.
Incidentally, urination is the way to discharge toxin from your body. Have I exercised today to achieve physical fitness and mental alertness? If you sit around all day doing nothing and watching TV, you will feel more listless and tired.

4.       Did I care much about others?
Did I pay attention to the people around me? Did I smile and greet people I meet? How often did I use the words please and thank you? Am I able to persuade and convince others with my ideas? Am I talking with confidence and energy?  

5.       Have I been positive today?
Am I thinking positively? Positive thinking is the way to influence you to act and react positively. It gives you the right frame of mind to deal with challenges in life successfully.

6.       Have I managed my time productively?
Did I care about my family and pay equal attention to my work? Am I able to manage my time efficiently so that I do not overlook important areas of my life? Have I got a daily to-do list? Breaks and breakfast are some of the productive things to have daily.

7.       What have I learnt today?
Did I learn something new today? Have I sharpened my skills to improve my value at work? Did I try to do things differently to be more productive? Continuous learning is the way to enrich your mind and be more resourceful. 

It is never too late to do what is right. Every new day gives you an opportunity to start afresh and change your life for the better. Do it now.  

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