Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Job

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Job

Are you getting a job for the first time or are you thinking of changing your job? Answer these soul-searching questions and be sure of making the right move:   

1.       What are you good at?
Are you working with your talents and applying what you do best in your job? The best thing in life is to release your potential in a job you are capable of because you are matching your skills to a relevant job.  

2.       What do you like to do?
If what you like to do is marketable, useful to others, you can build a career out of it.  Passion is the key to excel in your career.

3.       What capabilities are you proud of?
It is most likely that you have overcome some problems in the past successfully. How can it help you connect to a challenging job?  

4.       What are your strengths that others compliment you?
Perhaps you have overlooked what you can do but others have noticed about you.  Find out what it is. 

5.       What have you learnt and you are now skillful?
You should continue to learn and know more so that you can stay ahead with the skills that you have acquired.

6.       What are the things that you have tried and still not good at it?
Don’t waste your time to correct your weaknesses. Instead develop your strengths further and sharpen your skills. You will be able to sustain your effort in things you are interested in.

7.       What are the things that you dislike to do?
Delegate those mundane tasks so that you can focus on those things that you find interesting and productive.

8.       To get the job done well, what skills do you need?
Equip yourself with additional skills and make yourself a more valued employee.

9.       What are the people that you are happy/ angry to work with?
Learn to get along well with everyone in the workplace. It is important to maintain a cordial relationship so that you can get things done easily through others. Be interested in the people around you.

10.   What is your career ambition?
Is the job able to fulfill your dreams in life? Do you see potential for growth in your present job?

Hopeful you are able to find a challenging job which is fulfilling and satisfying after answering the above questions.

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