Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Working Overtime is Bad for You

Why Working Overtime is Bad for You

You try to impress your boss that you are hard working by working late all the time. It does not work that way because overtime has a negative connotation and it is working against you in many ways:

Poor time management: It gives an impression that you are disorganized and you are   unable to get things done orderly. It is also possible that you have wasted precious time like surfing the Net.

Take a longer time to get things done: As your intention is to work overtime, you will work at a slower pace to do your tasks. Your productivity is affected and so is your performance.

You are not performing: You may work late, but your output is not commensurate with time spent. It implies that you are not effective and efficient.  

Out of balance: Spending more time at work means less personal and family time. Rest and recreation are crucial to regaining your composure.  Taking time out to exercise is necessary to stay fit and be energetic at work.  Neglecting your family is a sure way to a deteriorating relationship with love ones. It will eventually affect your peace of mind at work.

Health problems: Working overtime may be a way to move up the ladder but it comes with a heavy price tag. Your health will suffer. As you work long hours, you get tired more easily and you will not be able to concentrate for long. It is reported that    Overtime Work Linked With Higher Depression Risk .

You are not a smart worker: There are other ways to impress the boss instead of working overtime. Keeping your boss informed of your progress is a great way to show that you are really working without having to work overtime. Solving problems at work is another excellent way to show your true worth.

Staying late is not working late: You may just want to show your face in the office, chit-chatting with your colleagues and not actually doing work. It is a waste of time.    

Work smart. You are measured by what you can do and not how late you work every day.

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  1. So true. I believe that being stuck in the office for long periods of time does contribute to depression over time.


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