Saturday, September 29, 2012

7 Productive Ways to Go to Class

7 Productive Ways to Go to Class

You learn something every day if you pay attention. 
Ray LeBlond

Are you taking full advantage of class attendance? Here are 7 great ways to extract the most out of going to class: 

1.      Be prepared: Before you go to class, go through your textbook and get a first impression of the lesson. Find out what you do not understand, highlight the topic and be ready to learn.    

2.      Pay attention: Sleep early and get up early and eat a nutritious breakfast. In this way, you are fresh, alert and energetic to concentrate in class. You are more likely to absorb new ideas and grasp important points. 

3.      Take notes: There is nothing better than taking notes on pertinent points to reinforce your memory.  You listen you remember but when you write you remember more and better.

4.      Ask questions: It is the best time to ask about topics that you don’t understand for the benefit of the class. A teacher assumes you know if you do not ask.

5.      Do homework: Doing homework is an effective way to practice what you have learnt. As an example, doing a lot of mathematics questions is the only to find out you really know the subject well. It is also a good time to review your lesson and notes.      

6.      Develop an interest in all subjects: Read related and relevant books and look for more information on the Net. It is one effective way to understand the subject better and be more interested.  

7.      Share: Share with your classmates what you have learnt and help weaker students. It is a great way to learn more by sharing.

You will be penalized for not attending classes regularly. It is also a way to show your seriousness in your study. Do you get the most out of class attendance?

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