Friday, September 7, 2012

What is Your Personal Wealth?

What is Your Personal Wealth?

If you don't think you're rich, try counting all the things you have that money can't buy...
~ Rob Hawkins

Your personal wealth is more than the money in your bank accounts and all the worldly possessions you have. These are measurable.  There is intangible personal wealth you should treasure more than anything else because it is priceless. Perhaps you have overlooked.  Here is a list of your truly personal wealth:  

Health: Your health is the soul of your life and your wealth. You have the power to create more wealth when you are fit and healthy. You are also free to enjoy the wealth that you have created because when you are feeble and weak, your movement is restricted and you have no way to enjoy your wealth. Health is your greatest wealth.

Skills, knowledge and wisdom: All the material wealth can be taken away from you, but nobody can take way what you have in your mind. You can start all over again to rebuild your wealth. You have the skills and the expertise which are of value to others. The knowledge you possess and the experience you have gained are transformed into your personal wisdom. What you know is truly priceless. 

Creativity: Ii is about an idea, a unique and original idea. When you can conceive, you can turn an idea into wealth. It is the key to success in the world of online technology. Creative thoughts are wealth.    

A positive mindset: Your personal wealth is also measured by the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. You are rich when you are optimistic and confident. You are poor when you feel dejected and pessimistic.     

Happiness: Are you happy? If you are not, you will miss the most important element in life. If you are not happy, material wealth does not matter. When you are happy you are rich beyond what you have. Life is worth living and you look forward to each new day with joy. 

Relationships: A happy family and people you can count on and connect are the precious things in life. You can’t measure it with money.

Think about it, you are wealthy in many ways. 

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