Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Page Views, Alexa, Yakezie, AdSense and My Blog

Page Views
I am pleased to see more page views and more unique visitors to my blog. In fact, the traffic to my blog is at its all-time high. In September it is projected to reach more than 13000 page views. The only setback was in April and May when I was hit by Google update innocently.

Alexa Traffic Rank
Sadly, better traffic does not translate into better Alexa Traffic Rank. In fact when my monthly traffic gets better, my one- month traffic rank gets worse. I wrote to Alexa and they gave me the usual reply: Traffic ranking is relative. It means even your traffic is good, but others are even better. 
I took up the Yakezie Challenge on September 1, 2011, hoping to reach 200000 in Alexa Traffic Rank within six months on February 29, 2012. Now it has been more than one year and my blog is nowhere near 200000 because the one-month traffic is further away from it.
The other disappointing fact is that better traffic does not correlate with AdSense earnings.
My daily average income is less than 50 cents. Is it that advertisers are paying less for each click?
Previously I could earn more with less traffic.

My take
I will still continue to write the best I can for my readers. I am not at all discouraged. Tough time will not last. Persistence, patience and perseverance will prevail in the end.  

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