Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Little Things to Do Every Day to Improve Your life

10 Little Things to Do Every Day to Improve Your life

There are no little things. Little things are the hinges of the universe.
 Fannie Fern

These are simple and small things in life but when you do it every day, it will impact your life in the long run positively:

1.      Get up a little earlier every day: Early risers are in control of their life. There is something to look forward to and something to do every day. Early risers are enthusiastic to start a new day early. Are you an early riser?

2.      Read: Read a few famous sayings to get inspired and motivated. Read a chapter of a book to be thrilled, educated or enlightened. Reading is learning and learning is the way to embrace changes in your life and stay ahead. 

3.      Exercise: It does not matter what you do such as walking or jogging. The most important thing is to move your body so that you stay fit and healthy.

4.      Work on your goals: Have you got your written goals? Are you working on it every day? How much you can do is not important, the most essential thing is that you must work on it every day. It is your daily habit that counts. Take one step at a time and do one task every day consistently.   

5.      Get the most important things done: Are you getting things done according to your to-do list especially the most important ones? Do not procrastinate because there will be more things to do the next day and you will never be able to catch up. Just do it.  

6.      Just be happy: Smile at people you meet. Laugh out loud with friends. Choose happiness every day.   

7.      Live in the moment: Like happiness, living life is in the present moment. You can feel it and touch it. Work with focus and play with total relaxation. To enjoy every moment is to enjoy the journey of life.     

8.      Appreciate: At the end of a day take stock of all the good things that has happened to you. In this way you will live with gratitude and thankfulness because you will know that you are living in abundance.

9.      Plan for the following day: To plan ahead is to take charge your life and reduce stress to the minimum. Get a to-do list ready for the following every day. Get organized and live an orderly life. 

10.  Drink more water: Avoid dehydration because two thirds of human body weight is water. The human brain is made up of 95% water; blood is 82% and lungs 90%. Drink throughout the day to keep your mind sharp and in focus.

What other little things you do every day to live a better life?   

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