Friday, September 21, 2012

My 3rd eBook and Amazon KDP Select

My 3rd eBook and Amazon KDP Select

I have just published my 3rd eBook entitled All About Working Smart. This time I am only using Amazon to market my book exclusively because I have chosen their KDP Select program. According to Amazon when you choose KDP Select for a book, you're committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period of exclusivity, you cannot distribute your book digitally anywhere else, including on your website, blogs, etc.

By joining KDP Select, my book will be available for lending in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for a period of 90 days and I will be entitled to share the Kindle Owners' Lending Library fund. According to Amazon, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Fund is calculated based on a share of the total number of qualified borrows of all participating KDP titles. For example, if the monthly fund amount is $500,000, the total qualified borrows of all participating KDP titles is 300,000, and if your book was borrowed 1,500 times, you will earn 0.5% (1,500/300,000 = 0.5%), or $2,500 for that month.  I will also have the option to offer my book free to readers for up to 5 days every 90 days to promote my new book.

All About Working Smart is a collection of useful articles to inspire you to work smarter and be more productive. You can still purchase the book from Amazon at $2.99 even though I have enrolled in their KDP Select program.      

In conjunction with the lunch of my new eBook, you can get this eBook for free as from today for 5 days from Amazon (September 21, 2012, to September 25, 2012).  

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