Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Ways to Maintain a Positive Body Image at Work

7 Ways to Maintain a Positive Body Image at Work

According to a news item, 93% of Taiwanese office workers are not satisfied with their personal image and 51% admits that being obese will affect their performance at work. Furthermore, 56% says physical appearance affects social relationships the most  The survey reveals that one of the main reasons for the body to go out of shape is sitting all day long in the office and working under pressure.

What can you do to maintain a positive appearance? Here are some suggestions:

1.      Park your car further away: Can you look for a place to park your car that you do not need to pay parking fees? Usually, it is away from your place of work. You save on your monthly expenses and you have an opportunity to walk and exercise your body twice a day.   

2.      Meet face to face instead of using the phone or email within the same building: You create better rapport with your co-workers when you walk over to his or her place to discuss outstanding issues. You can personally hand over your reports to the secretary of your boss instead of asking the office boy.  You have a chance to catch up with someone who is working closely with your boss.

3.      Talk and walk using cordless phone: Use a cordless phone and walk about. It is an effective way to exercise your body and you talk with energy when you are standing and moving around.   

4.      Take breaks: Taking breaks allows you to get up and move about. It is also an excellent way to refresh your mind and maintain your productivity.    

5.      Get out for lunch: Taking your lunch outside is another good way to move about. Don’t eat and work at the place of work. It is counter-productive.    

6.      Take control: You feel the stress at work because you are out of control.
You are more likely to munch junk food when you are under pressure at work. Plan ahead and organize your day with a to-do list. Go to work early if necessary.

7.      Avoid working overtime: You cannot sustain your energy and concentration by working longer than the usual working hours every day. Work smart by focusing on important issues. You need to rest and play to live a balanced life. It is the right way to perform better at work.

How do you look good and healthy?

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