Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 Things to Do Before Going to Work

Morning exercises you can do before going to work

The way you start off on a new day influences your mood greatly. Do you start a new day gracefully or in a rush? Here are the things that you can do to prepare yourself for a splendid day before going to work:  

1.      Start a new day early: It is such a wonderful feeling to be up early because there are so many things you can do before you go to work. It is productive and time well-managed.

2.      Meditate or Tai Chi: It is to prepare your body and soul in a state of calmness, freshness and alertness. Do it in the peace and quiet of the early morning when the sky is still dark. There is a feeling in you that you are in control.

3.      Get motivated: You need encouraging words to start a new day. Read some motivational quotes to ignite the fire in you so that you will start a new day with energy and enthusiasm. 

4.     Work on your personal project: When you are working part-time like writing articles for your blog or writing an eBook. It is good to spend some time on it before you go to work.  

5.      Breakfast: You will skip the most important meal in a day when you get up late and in a rush. As the word implies that you are breaking fast after sleeping for eight hours without food, it is all the more necessary to have a nutritious breakfast. Sit down, eat slowly and enjoy each mouthful. 

6.    Dress smartly: A smart appearance will enhance your positive thoughts and feelings.You will step out of your house full of confidence and ready to face challenges in a new day.   

7.     Do errands: Before you go to work there are a few things to do in the morning because the place will be less crowded and the weather is still nice. Apart from sending your children to school, you can go and pump petrol for your car, go to the post office or withdraw some money from ATM. Taking care of these small issues now so that when you are at work, you can work with full concentration.

What do you do before you go to work?

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  1. I totally agree with all of the 7 points, but in actual fact to do them all you would have to get up 4 hours before work? Not too practical for a normal working class person.

    I watch videos at my desk each morning which helps to motivate me. Youtube has tons of inspiration speaker videos. A couple of my favourites...

    Caspar Berry -

    Great speaker, quite famous I believe from his T.V days and James bond affiliation.

    Possibly one of the best motivational videos I have ever seen -

    I never tire of these. Always wakes me up at my desk and think 'Today, I am going to do something good'.



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