Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life Every Day

10 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life Every Day

There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.
 Christopher Morely

Life may be stressful and complicated, however you can do simple things to regain your composure and enjoy life. After all life is what you make it.   

1.      In the present: Do not allow the regrets of the past or the worries of future to interrupt your focus in the present. Pay attention to what you are doing now and you will do it well. Enjoy the process. Work and play hard.

2.      Spend time with interesting people: Talk, listen, joke and laugh out loud over a cup of coffee with people who influence you positively Share your happiness and sorrow. It is a good feeling to let it out. 

3.      Peace of mind: Think of gratefulness and kindness; fill your heart with love instead of hatred and resentment.  Think less of what you want and enjoy what you have is the way to find peace of mind within. It is the way to live and enjoy a simple life.   

4.      Get motivated: By reading sayings of famous people in the morning you will feel good and be enthusiastic to start a brand new day.  Avoid the newspapers because there is no good news to cheer you up.  

5.      Spend within your means: Live within your means is a simple way to gain financial freedom. Nobody is going after you because you are debt-free. You will avoid sleepless nights and mental tortures. 

6.      Move: Life is about movement. Exercise daily to feel the energy in you. It is also a simple way to feel good about yourself. You will feel your breath and enjoy the calmness within from day to day.

7.      Just be happy: Happiness is a wise choice. Why be miserable when you can be happy. Even when you are down, count your blessings and think positively. The situation is not as bad as you think. Be tough because tough time will not last. You will see the light at the end of tunnel.

8.      Do what you like: What are your hobbies? Engross and relax by doing gardening, drawing, painting, composing or writing. You will be in a world of your own.

9.      Simple pleasures: There are many simple ways to enjoy life. Take a nap, get a body massage, listen to your old pop songs, enjoy a home-cook meal, have your favorite drink, watch the sun or the moon, listen to the waves on the beach or get in fresh air in the woods.  

10.  Read a book: Reading is such a simple thing to do and yet so satisfying. Read to be thrilled, enlightened, educated or motivated.

Are you enjoying the simple things in your daily life?

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