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How to Live Longer Meaningfully

How to Live Longer Meaningfully

According to an item in the news, you live longer when you work longer. Look at the chart below:

Retirement age and lifespan
Country           Retirement age   Average lifespan
 Singapore       62                       84(F) 79(M)
Hong Kong     Nil                       86(F) 80(M)
Japan              60                       87(F) 80(M)
Korea             60                       84(F) 77(M)
Malaysia         55                       77(F) 73(M)
Indonesia        55                       72(F) 68(M)

The key to longevity is meaningful activities. What can you do to extend your lifespan?

1.      Continue to work: The longer you work, the shorter will be your retirement period. You are getting a source of regular income and you can enjoy financial freedom. Work provides better well-being because there is a sense of self-worth. It explains why the people of Hong Kong live the longest in Asia because there is no mandatory retirement age.

2.      The great outdoors: A walk in the park or the neighborhood can do good for you. Walking slows mental decline, improves sleep and lighten the mood because you focus and enjoy the moment. 

3.      Engage the mind: Learn new things and participate in leisure activities such as dancing, playing board games, reading, doing crossword puzzles, gardening, listening to classical music and playing an instrument. These  are all effective ways  to stimulate  the brain and may reduce the risk of dementia

4.      Get connected: Avoid isolation and get mutual support. A relationship is about sharing and caring, exchanging ideas and encouraging each other to face challenges ahead.

5.      Exercise: Physical exercise offers mental benefits as well. It increases blood flow and stimulates the brain during exercise. You feel fresh and alert after a workout.

6.      Community services: Find out what you can do for the community. Participating in community projects is a way of giving back to society. It gives you fulfillment and meaning in life. 

7.      Share: Teach others about your expertise in adult classes or write articles on your blog to inform and enlighten younger people. Writing is another great way to engage the mind and delay ageing.

The whole idea of growing old is to avoid emptiness and doing nothing.

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