Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 Essential Skills for Success

If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.
You need multiple skills to manage every facet of your life. Success in business alone does not mean that you are successful in other areas of your life.  Here are ten critical aspects of your life to pay attention:  

1.      Communication skills: It is crucial to express thoughts clearly in writing and orally in order to get messages precisely and fully. You also need to be a good listener and when you are in doubt always ask questions to avoid misunderstanding. It is more effective to use simple words to convey ideas.   

2.      Manage emotions: The most important thing is to choose happiness. You must enjoy what you do every day or else you will be miserable.  Learn to work, play and live in the moment. Happiness is getting into the flow in what you do.

3.      Decisiveness: Take prompt action as soon as a decision is made. Do not regret later that you have missed a golden opportunity to take action. Do not worry about failures or mistakes. They are all part of learning process in order for you to progress and grow. 

4.    Technical skills: Be an expert in what you do. You are valued because of your specialized knowledge. Be flexible and receptive to new ideas and changes. Be alert and adaptive to technology advances. Share with others what you have learnt.  

5.    Self-management: You may be able to run a business well, are you capable of managing your own life?  Be productive in your daily activities. Living a balanced life between work and family is a very important part of a successful life. Be an early riser, go to work and attend meetings on time. Keeping promises and meeting deadlines are the way to earn trust and respect.   

6.     People skills: Be respectful of differences such as race and religion. Be cooperative and build working relationships with co-workers. Provide support and offer help whenever necessary. Be approachable, responsive, courteous, cheerful and diplomatic when dealing with others. Uphold harmony at home and enjoy peace of mind.   

7.      Time management: Manage time and do what is important in your life. Follow your dreams and goals. Planning and organizing is the right way to reach your objectives.  Prepare a to-do list in the evening for the following day to work efficiently and effectively. 

8.      Problem solving: Be accountable and responsible; don’t blame others when things do not work out. Be resourceful and innovative to overcome problems. Adopt a positive mental attitude and take initiative to look for solutions. 

9.     Personal finance management: The objective of personal financial management is financial freedom.  It is about living within your means and avoid getting into debts. It is also about smart and wise use of credit cards. Savings is the key to grow your money so that you can invest later and build wealth. Wealth is responsible for three areas of your life: emergence fund, children’s education and your retirement.

10.  Self-care: Drink water throughout the day, eat nutritiously, taking breaks while at work to sustain your concentration and energy.  Sleep well at night, take time off to relax and unwind.  Exercise daily is an effective way to manage stress and regain your sanity.
What other important skills are essential for a successful life? 

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