Saturday, October 20, 2012

6 Reasons of Unhappiness at Work

6 Reasons of Unhappiness at Work

According to the latest survey on Employee Job Satisfaction by JobStreet, 78% of employees out of 1145 respondents in Malaysia are unhappy at work. Among those surveyed 62% were saying that they would find another job if they could not find opportunities for career development and a balance in their work-life.

Here are the reasons why they are not happy working:

1.      The scope of work (34%): It is possible that they are given too much work to do or they do not like what they do. It is also likely that their skills are not matching with their scope of work and the work is boring.  Enjoying what you do is the key ingredient of happiness at work. You will find more happiness when you are able to apply what you have learnt and the job is challenging.  

2.      Poor relationship with their immediate supervisor or boss (21%): Working with a difficult boss is stressful especially when your boss does not appreciate and value your output.  You can change yourself to suit the working style of your boss, but you can’t change another person’s perception towards you. When you cannot live with it, you just have to move on.

3.      Low salary (17%): Only 11 percent felt they earned a good income. The survey reveals salary is not the main reason for unhappiness. Job satisfaction and fulfilling are. However, you must be fairly compensated. Ask for a raise, but you must do your homework well to justify your request.

4.      Company policies and benefits (12%): Does the establishment encourage creativity? Happiness is about doing things your way and meeting the expectations of the company. When the well-being of the employees is neglected, the morale of the staff is also affected negatively.   

5.      Working hours (9%): Working long hours or doing too much over time will impact productivity because output diminishes at the end of a working day. A work-life balance is more effective to sustain the optimum performance of workers and create happiness at work.  

6.      Relationship with co-workers (8%): How is your working relationship with your co-workers?  Getting along well with co-workers will promote more happiness at work. Be interested in others so that others will show an interest in you. You treat others the way you want to be treated.

Are you happy at work? Take action and do what you can with what you have to regain your happiness. 

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