Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Productive Reasons to Use a Simple Cell Phone

5 Productive Reasons to Use a Simple Cell Phone (1)

I own a Nokia 1208. It is the most simple and basic model of all cell phones. I have used it for many years and I am happy with it for several reasons including frugality:

1.      It is just as productive: A simple model is able to serve the essential requirements of telecommunications: calling and receiving call, sending and receiving text messages. What more do you want from a cell phone?

2.       No need all the extra features of a smart phone: There is a time and place to surf the Net; there is no need to get connected online all the time. We are already connected in the office and at home. Playing games is a waste of time. There is no need to use Bluetooth, camera or Wi-Fi.

3.      Stay connected: It serves me well doing my daily job because I can be contacted any time anywhere. Things get done just as effectively and efficiently with a simple cell phone.   

4.      A simple and productive life: A basic cell phone allows you to focus on doing what need to do now instead of being distracted by a smart phone like checking emails and going online every now and then. 

5 Productive Reasons to Use a Simple Cell Phone  (2)

5.      A simple and cheap postpaid plan: I can get a cost effective plan and my cell phone bill is about RM30 or US$10 per month. I use the phone only when necessary.
  I must admit that using a smart phone has its advantages like free messaging applications and free phone calls specially overseas calls, but you have to pay more for it.

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