Monday, October 29, 2012

Are You Productive?

The activities that you do every day determine your productivity. The key is to manage time effectively and efficiently. What can you do daily to achieve optimum productivity? Consider the following productive ways:

1.    Planning and organizing: Planning and organizing are only fruitful when you are working towards your goals. Activities will then be purposeful because there is a direction to go forward in life. You also need to plan and organize your daily activities to maximize your output. A daily to-do list is a helpful tool to be productive. 

2.     Learning: Reading and learning are productive. Learning new things is a joy and you should embrace changes and keep abreast with technology to work effectively and efficiently.  

3.     Balancing life: Do not just work because working long hours is counterproductive.  The key is to strike a balance between work and family. Both activities are important in your life.   

4.      Creative: There is time to be alone. A time to think and reflect. A time to conceive new ideas.  A time to think of solutions and solve problems.

5.     Taking action: When you have decided on an issue, do not be afraid to act. It is a waste of time to delay or procrastinate. Standing still will not yield results. You can try a different way when it does not work out.  

6.     One task at a time: Multitasking is not productive. You work under stress and you are prone to make mistakes.

7.    Active lifestyle: Allocate time to work out every day such as jogging. Enjoy the great outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are good for your health.

8.    Manage personal finance: It is productive to spend time and do personal budgeting.  Living within your means is the way to avoid getting into debt and getting peace of mind.  

9.      Getting connected: Spend time with those who care for you. Exchange ideas from   those who share the same vision. Hang around with positive people.  

10.  Water and nutrition: Don’t skip your breakfast. It is to fuel your productivity for the day.  Always stop work to drink water throughout the day. These are healthy habit to follow. Take your time to enjoy your food and eat slowly to help digestion.  Avoid fast food outlets and eating in a hurry. Eat more at home for a healthier diet.  

Do what is productive and make progress in life.

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