Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Effective Ways to Preserve the Value of Your Car

7 Effective Ways to Preserve the Value of Your Car

A car is an investment that always depreciates in value over time. In fact the moment you take delivery of your new car from the showroom, the original value of the car is gone. It is up to you to look after the car well to maintain its value. Here are 7 ways to sustain its market value:    

1.      Buy a popular model: Before you buy a car, consider looking for one of those models that is in popular demand so that when you trade in for another car, you can fetch a better value.

2.      Regular maintenance: Timely maintenance will help keep your vehicle in good working condition. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.  Keep all the documents relating to maintenance of your car in a safe place. When you sell your car, these can be used to show the prospective buyer that you have maintained your vehicle regularly. Fix a problem as soon as it arises. Keep the car as original as possible without adding accessories. The extra items will not provide better value to your car. 

3.      Drive with care: The more you use the car, the more it suffers from wear and tear. When you clock more mileage than normal usage, the value of the car deteriorates. Do not race the engine unnecessarily to extend its lifespan. Avoid driving in areas with poor road conditions. Do not carry more weight than is recommended in your owner's manual.

4.      Avoid the sun and the rain: Always park your car in the shade and avoid the scorching sun and the pouring rain. It is to protect the appearance of the car as long as possible.  

5.      DIY: Every Sunday I check the tire pressure and inflate it according to manufacturer’s recommendations. It is for safety sake because a big drop in the pressure is an indication that a nail or a sharp object has punctured your tire. Proper inflation gets you optimum performance and improves gas mileage. Wash the car often to remove dirt and dust and keep its luster. 

6.      Clean the interior: Do not eat and drink inside your car. Smoking is a no-no to avoid foul smell. Vacuum the interior regularly and do not store things inside your care.  

7.      Avoid getting into an accident: Drive defensively, anticipate danger ahead of you. An accident will further impact its value greatly.

Are you buying a new car? Choose wisely and look after it well.  

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