Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Reasons for Undergraduates to Start Blogging

5 Reasons for Undergraduates to Start Blogging

Are you studying for your first degree or a diploma course at a college? It is a wise move to start a blog and write some article relating to your course of study. Here are 7 reasons to blog and build your career before you do so:   

1.      An effective way to learn: You will do research about the subject before you write and tell others about it. It is a great way to keep your own notes and expand your knowledge.

2.      Getting noticed: As you share your knowledge online, you get noticed by lecturers and those who are doing a similar course in different institutions. They will contact you and interact with you. It is a wonderful way to exchange ideas.

3.      Polish your language skills: The more you write the better your writing skills will be. Over time you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly, precisely and fully. 

4.      Network with professional people: Look for professional people in the industry, do constructive comments on their blogs, mention their names in your blog posts or review their books. When you build the right connection, it will be easier to get a suitable job because you know the right people.     

5.      Advantages of a blog: Blogging shows that you are passionate about your niche. A blog builds a reputation and creates a brand for yourself. You stand out among others before you even start looking for a job. A blog is an excellent way to support your resume. Prospective employers can search your name online and look at your image and articles.

Discipline and great effort are required to blog when you have assignments to do. It is, nevertheless, worthwhile because what you have written can be great ideas for your thesis.   

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