Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Ways to Use Technology Wisely

7 Ways to Use Technology Wisely

Technology is useful in our life but do not get addicted or distracted from doing what is important in our life. Here are 7 ways to use technology productively and wisely:

1.      TV:  This is something you can do without. Watching TV can only make you lazy, and be influenced negatively. There will be less communication at home among family members when you spend too much more time glue to the set. If you must watch, look for educational program. The best thing to replace TV is books.  Reading is learning and it stimulates and enriches the mind.

2.       Smart Phone: It is loaded with too many features.  You take it with you all the time wherever you go and you waste precious time playing with it. It is wise just to have a normal mobile phone for its basic purpose – communication. Talk about urgent issues and send essential messages only.

3.       Social networking: It is good to take a break and spend a little time at Facebook or Twitter. However, do not spend too much time and drain your energy and waste precious time.

4.       Online games: Instead of playing online games endlessly, go outdoors and move your body for better health and fitness. Spend time with nature instead of the virtual world.

5.      Gadgets: Avoid getting gadgets you do not need. Just because others have it, you must get one. Select technology wisely and productively.

6.       Do not be distracted online: Be focus and go for the information relating to your research, homework or writing. Do not get distracted and looking at something else. Get the important task done.

7.     Personal Email: Avoid an overloading of information by subscribing to many sites. Select those    essential for your work only. Less email means less time to manage and more time for other important things.  

Are you harnessing the power for technology wisely and productively?

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