Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Useful Features for Your Website

10 Useful Features for Your Website

Do you have the following items on your blog? These things will get readers to know you better and engage them to stay longer at your site.

1.       About page: It’s good to see   a real face instead of some meaningless images or nothing at all if you have nothing to hide. You can talk about yourself but not too much because what others say about you is more convincing than what you tell them. 

2.       Start: It is to tell what the readers can do when they land on your site. It is good for those who come to your blog by chance and not looking for anything specific. 

3.       Search: Readers are allowed to look for anything they want on the Net without leaving your site.

4.       Translate: Internet is a borderless world. It facilitates readers to enjoy your articles in their own languages.

5.       RSS and email subscription: When the readers like your blog posts, turn them to be your loyal fans by allowing them to read your articles fully via email and RSS feed.

6.       Contact: Communication and exchange of ideas with others is the key for your blog to grow. Get to know what your readers want and offer more.

7.       Recent comments: There is no better way to show the importance of your readers by displaying their comments. On the Net readers come first.

8.       Tagline: What do you blog about? Let the readers know in just a few words.
This is mine: Take Action Change Your Life: Personal Finance, Parenting, Work, Happiness, Success, Healthy Lifestyle, Self Development.

9.       Labels: Keywords are important to assist the readers to look for information at your site. When you have a lot of articles, it is a very useful feature.

10.   QR Code: More and more people are using smart phones; a QR code is a quick and easy way to add your site to their mobile gadgets.

The above list is just to complement your useful content without which there is no point for visitors to visit your site. 

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