Tuesday, April 17, 2012

7 Tips to Get Noticed on Social Media Positively

7 Tips to Get Noticed on Social Media Positively

Are you able to provide access to your Facebook (Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords) account willingly when asked? As more and more recruiting officers are interested to peep into your private life to determine convincingly that you are suitable for employment, you have to be smart to protect your reputation and project your image online positively. Here are the effective ways to go about it:

1.       Keep your private life private: Do not post and show what you do privately, things that you do not want other to know including images. In this way you are free and without fear to show your Facebook account to others anytime. 

2.       Post messages wisely to be viewed publicly: Be wise and do not disclose confidential information about your place of work. Do not show indecent images to avoid bad publicity about your character and reputation.

3.       Link to your blog where you showcase your work: Do you have a blog that provides useful information?  Every time you upload a new post, send a message to Facebook and other social networking sites to notify others to read your post.

4.       Share useful information: Share links to useful and valuable information that you have noticed on the Net. After all social media is to share and care.

5.        Avoid bad mouthing: Don’t talk bad about people you do not like, especially your immediate boss or your co-workers. It only tells others that you have a relationship problem with people and you do not know how to get along with others and you cannot manage your emotions.

6.       Inspire and motivate others: As an example, I share motivational quotes daily to uplift the mood of readers.  Make others happy and you too.

7.       Squeaky clean: The key is to show and tell positively about yourself in social circles. Every time when you want to post something ask yourself: How does it affect my career, image or reputation? 

Do a house cleaning so that you can bare all.  

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