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7 Reasons Why Writing is important to Me

 7 Reasons Why Writing is important to Me

Easy reading is damn hard writing.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne

As a blogger and article writer, I write an article for my readers every day, but I want to learn more and write better to communicate with my readers. I am interested in taking up the Damn Fine Words writing course and learn to write more effectively for my readers. Here are 7 reasons why better writing is good for me and my readers:

1.    Write and engage the readers: I would like to learn and write in a more interesting way so that it is worth the time of the readers to read my posts. Writing awesome headlines and providing great content are crucial in writing. Write in an organized way so that readers can read easily and quickly.

2.       Write and solicit ideas from readers: I want to motivate readers to share their ideas by commenting on my posts.  Comments are few and far in between now. Conversation is a great way to grow readership. Write and touch on the emotions of readers.

3.       Write and educate: The ability to explain a complex subject is essential to effective writing.  Providing pertinent information, knowledge and insights logically to enlighten my readers is the main purpose of writing.    

4.       Write and entertain: I will certainly be able to improve my writing if I can write amusingly and lively and at the same time teach my readers.  

5.        Value for the readers: I want to present ideas in a unique way and solve problems of my readers so that they will come back for more.  The key is to write in my own style clearly and naturally for the readers and not search engines. It is also important to know precisely what my readers want and write accordingly. Quality articles are a good way to attract inbound links to my blog.

6.       Express effectively: Learn all about grammar and use the right word at the right place. Write and convince the readers to accept my ideas and take action.

7.       Learn new writing skills and techniques: Adopt the right steps to write an article and discover more ways to write better   and be more effective in writing creatively and powerfully.  

The Damn Fine Words is a writing course produced by James Chartrand, owner of Men with Pens, one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. I will be able to learn from one of the top writers and improve my writing and provide more reading pleasure for my readers.  When I am able to write in an influential way, my blog will be able to attract more readers and I will be able to build my reputation and authority. I will also be more prepared to secure business opportunities.

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