Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 E’s to Write Effectively

10 E’s to Write Effectively

Here are 10 E’s to hone your writing skills:

1.      Engaged: Capture the attention of readers and get them interested in what you have written. It has to be relevant.  It has to provide valuable information and solves the problems that they are looking for.

2.      Effort: Taking an effort to write is to write carefully. Do research, check the facts and provide useful links for additional insights to your article. Edit and proofread your finished work.  

3.      Emotions: Arouse the emotions of your readers in your captivating headlines. Make it irresistible to read your articles. 

4.      Express: Write clearly using simple words, short sentences and paragraphs. The whole idea is get your readers to understand your message fully. Write for human being naturally and not for search engines.

5.      Extraordinary:  Write in your own style with your unique ideas. Even if it is an old subject look at it from a different angle. Say what you have to say without fear. In your opening article tell a story or quote a line from a famous person to start your article strongly.

6.      Easygoing: Make it easy for your readers to read your article quickly. Number your points to show the steps to be taken or provide bullet points to highlight the main ideas. Insert an appropriate image to enhance your post.   

7.      Educate: It is essential to make an article educational. Tell the readers what it is and teach them how to do it with complete information. 

8.      Entertain: If you can educate and at the time amuse the readers in your writing, you will gain traction from readers to read more of your articles.  

9.      Excellent: What is the best way to write? Eliminate garbage, write only the bare facts and avoid repetition.  

10.  Excite: At the end of your article encourage your readers to take action- change a bad habit, be more productive, earn more money…

What are your ideas to write effectively?

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