Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Ways to Get People to Vote for You Online

I have never entered any contests online and this is the first time I am doing so. This is the contest that I have just participated: 

10 Ways to Get People to Vote for You Online

As voting is required in this contest, I can think of the following ways to get people to vote for you:

1.       Post a banner at the sidebar of your blog
2.       Post a line at the end of your article during the voting period
3.       Send an email to your subscribers
4.       Send a message to all social networking sites via This will include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plurk and many other sites.
5.       Go to Google+ and request those who have included you in their circles to vote for you in your personal and business pages.
6.       Send direct email to those you know who can help you.
7.       Request for vote from your email subscribers.
8.       Ask your friends and relatives to vote for you.
9.       Write a blog post like this one and request for vote.
10.   Request for vote in online communities where you are a member.

You may ask for vote exchange if it is not against the rules of the contest. You can register      

So if you think I deserve a vote from you please cast your vote for me here.

Voting is from 23 April to 13 May 2012.
Thanks for your support,

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