Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Productive Things You Can Do at voiceBoks


voiceBoks is founded by Lexie Lane in 2011. It has a Traffic Rank of 28000 and a PageRank of 4 with more than 1000 members. It is a great community especially for mommies and daddies and the things you can do over there is, in fact, overwhelming:

1.       Get Motivated: There are various badges to be given to active members because of their popularity, leadership quality and helpfulness. It is great to spotlight outstanding members and boost their confidence and enthusiasm.

2.       Directory: You can list your website in the relevant section and get found by members.  There is also a clickable link to your site. You also get to know other interesting sties of members.

3.       Write for the community: Write articles to showcase your expertise in the area of your interest and provide a link to your blog in each article.

4.       Free stuff: There are many contests going and a lot of goodies to be given away.      

5.       Chat: You can also chat online and get to know others better.

6.       Forum: It is the place to interact with members to get and give help. 

7.       Events and groups: This is the most interesting part of the community. You can promote your presence at, among many other sites, Twitter, Pinterest, Klout, Google+  and your website articles here. The concept is simple and effective: it is one for all and all for one, I help you and you help me. The most important word to use here is “done” after you have done a favor for a fellow member. You can also share ideas about Alexa Traffic Rank, PageRank, Technorati Rank, time management and many other useful blogging topics and topics on parenting.     

The site is easy to navigate and it functions just like Facebook, all you need to do is to share more love and like more often. Visit my page , join VocieBoks and be thrilled. 

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