Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Effective Ways to Get Free Publicity Online

7 Effective Ways to Get Free Publicity Online

There are numerous free and effective ways to promote your personal brand on the Net. The most important thing is to highlight your strengths and show others what you do best.

1.       Blog: This is the best way to document your field of expertise in the form of articles on your blog. Write daily and provide useful information, When you are able to attract a lot of followers and readers, you are effectively building your trust and authority in the area that you are good at. A blog is your most valuable publicity tool.

2.       Press release: Press releases are not restricted to the promotion of business activities or products. You can display your writing skills by submitting a newsworthy item like this one, 7 Laws of Teh Hong Piow’s Success,   It has three clickable links to my website at a small cost of $1/=.

3.     Forums: Join discussion groups and offer solutions to problems and provide a link to your website in your email signature file.

4.     Blog directories: List your blog on major blog directories. I am listed under finance at Blogtoplist . This is an interesting blog directory because it is able to show your ranking among other similar blogs.  I get to recognize other niche bloggers and they get to know me too.

5.       Article directories: Posting authoritative articles on article directories like is a great way to allow more people to get to know you.

6.       Niche networks: I am a member of Money Crasher’s Top Personal Finance Blogs and Top Finance Blogs of TotallyMoney. I am also taking part in the Yakezie Challenge. Get to know other bloggers who blog about similar topics and get yourself noticed by them.   

7.       Guest posts: Extend your influence by doing guest posts on other influential blogs. You will be able to reach out to people who are not aware of your site.     

How do you get free publicity on the Net?

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