Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Things Employers Want from You

10 Things Employers Want from You

According to Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Shamsudidn Bardan, employers are in search of graduates who stand out in a crowd. Here are the things you should equip to get ahead of others in a competitive job market:

1.       Technical skills: Work is about performance.  To work competently is to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills. Your value will be enhanced if you have multi-skills like business and IT.  It is up to you to take every opportunity to gain technical skills as soon as possible.

2.       Communication skills: It is not just about writing and speaking well, you must be able to listen and take instructions and get things done correctly. Writing is an important skill to convey and persuade other to accept your ideas.  You also need to speak eloquently in presentations to impress others. 

3.       Show your best outwardly: Dress smartly to command respect. Smile and acknowledge others you meet. The way you carry yourself is a reflection of how you will carry out your work. If you do not pay much attention to your appearance, will you care much about your work?

4.       Creditability: There are important soft skills which carry weight to develop your career. Be honest and reliable and be committed at work. Show up on time, keep promises and meet deadlines.

5.       Work in a team: Working well with others is an important skill to develop. Be interested in others and invest time and get to know them well. Paying attention to the people around you is the right way to cultivate human relationships. It is the effective way to get things done through others. 

6.       Commercial awareness: Get to know the nature of the business, its products and its competition. Find out how external forces such as world economy, employment and currency exchange rates affect your industry and business. Develop a global mindset to spot business trend.

7.       Creativity: The ability to analyze, digest, and apply information and data to solve problems is crucial to work successfully and independently. Taking a proactive approach to get the most important things done is the productive way to work.

8.       Flexible: Be adaptive to changes and willing to accept constructive criticism.  Be open-minded to welcome new ideas. Change to move ahead.

9.     Positive attitude: Be enthusiastic and energetic while at work.  Be responsible and proud of what you do. Protect your reputation and build a trusted brand of yourself.

10.   Continuous learning: Manage your time wisely. Allocate time to learn new things and expose to new ideas. Be up-to-date with development in information technology.

Be prepared and be lucky.

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