Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work Smarter and Get More Money

 Work Smarter and Get More Money

 According to an article, Working Smart for the Money, working smart trumps working hard.  So how do you go about working smart?

1.       Knowledge: The article says that human capital is closely associated with earnings. It is only wise to obtain knowledge and acquire skills. Since your work and your value are evaluated by your ability to perform, you have to be competent to do your job well. Knowledge and skills will give you the power to work smart.

2.      Creative: How to create value? The smart way is to have unique and original ideas Facebook is an original idea so is Pinterest and Plurk. A bright idea can attract a lot of money. 

3.      Productive: It is also mentioned in the article that smart people work less. Smart people are efficient and effective. They are able to accomplish more in less time and focus on important issues that impact the bottom line.  They do the right thing at the right time to achieve the desired results.

4.      Impress: It is necessary to work hard, but it is even better to work hard and smart. When you work, make sure you get noticed for what you do.  It is essential to impress the right people that you are a valuable worker.  The important point is that it will be easier to ask and get what you want, be it bonus or salary increment.

5.      Positive attitude: Smart people project a positive image of themselves. They dress smartly and they have vital soft skills such as enthusiasm and confidence. They react to events positively. They are also flexible and willing to make changes and get ahead.

6.      Plan: Working smart is planning in advance and spending time every day and get ready a to-do list for the next day. Smart people are organized and they pay attention to details. The key is to think before you take action.  The question to ask is: What is the most productive way to get the job done? 

Are you working smart to make more money? Tell us your secrets. 

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  1. I read one if Napoleon Hill's work and one of the outputs of this research is the fact that successful people associate themselves with successful people too. It's like bird of the same feathers, flock together. Our advantage as humans is that we can choose who we want to associate with...

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