Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Simple and Effective Ways to be Productive Daily

7 Simple and Effective Ways to be Productive Daily

These are very simple ideas, but are you doing it every day to boost your productivity? 

1.       Plan ahead: An effective tool like a to-do list is an organized list of things to be done for the day. The fact is that if you do not write it down, your memory may fail you. I find that a to-do list has positive psychological effect upon you as you cross out each completed task. Do it and you will feel good about yourself.   

2.       Be an early riser: The only way to have more time and avoid rushing about and get yourself tensed up in the morning is to start a new day early. If you can get up at six instead of eight, you will be able to accomplish more worthwhile activities in your daily life.

3.       Morning rituals:  As an early riser you are in control of your time and life. The key is to psych yourself up and get inspired and motivated so that you start a new day with excitement, energy and enthusiasm. Read motivational quotes, think of positive thoughts and avoid reading newspaper to dampen and spoil your mood for the day.

4.       Do the most important things: As you have the to-do list ready and the first item in your list is your priority. Go ahead and get it done in the morning when your mind is fresh and calm. Getting an important task done gives you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. The rest of the day will be easy for you.

5.       Just do it: Have you had the habit of procrastinating? Do you get distracted easily? Can you be focused on the task at hand? Avoid thinking too much and just get it started and then followed by the next step.

6.       Learn: Productivity is not confined to getting things done. It is also about learning new things, new ways of doing things and making changes to be more efficient and effective.     

7.      Write and review:  It is a wise move to keep a journal  or log. You will be able to find out how productive you are every day.  Ask yourself this question: What have I done today? Have I achieved the tasks that I have planned? The point is to seek improvement and be more productive.

To be productive is not to do more and become stressful. The aim of productivity is to work smart so that you will have more time for yourself to be creative and happy.  

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