Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are You Healthy Psychologically?

Are You Healthy Psychologically?

Are you feeling good? Are you happy most of the time? How do you cope with life’s challenges? Are you optimistic about the future? Are you happy working and do you get satisfaction out of your job? Are you getting along well with your spouse?  These questions are all relating to your psyhological health. Psychological health is about how you live with life.

A direction in life:  When you do not know what you want out of life, boredom and lack of energy set in. To get excited and welcome every new day, find out your goals in life. With meaningful goals there is a direction to go forward and there will be hope and something to look forward to in life. Life is interesting and rewarding with challenging goals.

Be connected: loneliness attracts boredom and depression. Seek out those happy people and be associated with them.  A cheerful disposition opens your mind and you look at things on the bright side.

Positive mental attitude: Optimism promotes creativity and opens up many possibilities. You are more resilient to adversities in life and less likely to be depressed and worried.  According to Carol Ryff, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, positive attitude orientation can actually keep life worth living.

Job: Have you got your career goals in writing? If so, you will focus on the big picture and find meaning in what you do from day to day. The most important thing is to do work you are interested in and good at. Happiness is doing what you like and enjoying what you do. Be happy and be satisfied at work.

Personal finance: Be resolute and discipline to control your urge to have more wants in life. Getting more material things is to spend beyond your means and get into debt. Having unmanageable debt is the surest way to affect your well-being adversely. When you fail to manage your personal finance, your self-esteem is also tarnished.

Family: You derive happiness and personal strength from a harmonious family unit. You will find solace at home because you get peace of mind and serenity at home. You will take along your happiness from home wherever you go, especially to your workplace.

Meditation: Do meditation to promote mental peacefulness and alertness. It is also a way to relax your mind, relieve stress and cope with pressure at work. An undisturbed mind thinks clearly.
Exercise: Physical activities promote energy and energy enhances mental alertness and toughness. You feel good and you look good from the inside out

Healthy lifestyle: Avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Without bad habits your live a healthier life mentally. A balanced diet nourishes your body and mind.  Sleeping well and sufficiently is also essential to repair damages done to your body after a hard day’s work. A good night’s sleep renews your energy and refreshes your mind.

Have fun: Take time out to rest and relax.  Life is not just about work. Take along the family and go to the country and be with nature. Enjoy fresh air and sunshine.  Explore the wonders of nature and be inspired.

A healthy, balanced ego expression allows you to perceive a true picture of yourself and builds a solid foundation of security. A balanced ego expression would mean appreciating yourself not just when things are going well, but especially at those times when you slip backward. Appreciate yourself for whatever progress you've made, then use that energy of appreciation to move forward. To dwell in poor-me attitudes or pitiful feelings is inverted vanity. It's a convenient hiding place, but it's still vanity. You can waste enormous amounts of energy in inverted vanity, creating reasons why you or others are to be blamed for something that happened that left you feeling victimized and powerless.
Doc Childre

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