Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are You Getting Overwhelmed?

Are you getting overwhelmed

Are you overworked and your in-tray is always full? As a husband and a father you are caught in endless demands at work and at home. How do you avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed? There are many ways to escape from getting overloaded with too many things to do.    

1.       It’s in your mind: The feeling of being overwhelmed starts with your thinking. You may be trying to deal with a lot of work, but do not think of being overwhelmed. Stay cool, calm and collected to lessen the impact of having to do so much in so little a time.  Your negative feelings will aggravate the situation. 

2.       Plan: The more you need to do the more you need to spend some time to do planning. Assess  the whole situation and decide what you can do and plan accordingly. Planning is half a battle won.  It’s a relief when you know from the outset what to expect and when to get things done.

3.       Do what is important: Do not bother with small staff, simplify your life by concentrating on what is important to you. Activities about your goals, career and family are important issues not to be ignored. You get peace of mind when you do the right thing at the right time.  

4.       To-do list: A daily to-do list is a wonderful tool to organize your day. With the list, you will feel at ease. The tasks are prioritized accroding to their importance. When the major tasks are done the rest of the things will take care of themselves. The other important psychological plus point is that you get the satisfaction of crossing out an item when It is done.

5.       One thing at a time: Just get into the process of getting the task at hand done without thinking of other work. Mindfulness is the key to get things done smoothly without feeling stressful.

6.       Tidy up your workplace: Too many things on your desk can get you overwhelmed. Tidy your workplace and place a pot of plants on your desk to brighten your mood and cheer you up. Feeling good about yourself is a wonderful way to get down to work.

7.       Delegate: You can’t manage your work all by yourself. Delegate and share responsibilities.  It is one great way to get things done within a limited time.

8.       Take breaks: Work smart by taking deserving breaks to reduce stress, renew your energy and clear the clutter in your mind. Have a cup of coffee and chat with your colleagues. When you resume work after a brief interval you are refreshed. 

9.       Breathe deeply: When you are busy at work, learn to relax yourself, breathe slowly and deeply right down to your stomach. It is an effective way to relieve stress and promote mental health.

10.   Effective Habits: Develop the habit of doing it now. Do not allow things to accumulate, complete today’s tasks today. This is one great way to clear your work and get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed remember the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.’
Catherine Pulsifer


  1. Great suggestions.Wonderful share and it really sounds good to get relieve from overwhelmed work tension.

  2. Thanks for visiting and your motivating comments.


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