Monday, March 14, 2011

Effective Ways to a Happy Family

Happy family

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.” -Joyce Brothers

Success is not just measured by the position you occupy in a company or the wealth you have accumulated over the years. If you have a broken family, you are not successful. 
Success is a balanced life and family comes first. How do you promote a happy and united family?  Here are some useful tips:  

  1. Togetherness: As parents you are busy people and you should spend as much time as possible like having dinner together. Whatever you do, think more of the family and do not bring your work home. When you are at home it is family time.

  1. Communication: Instead of watching TV and discouraging communication flow, Talk, share and listen more often to know the needs of family members.  

  1. Learning: Visit other parents; learn from books and articles to be more effective in child rearing and relationship building. Find out what’s hot among teenagers so that you can interact more meaningfully with your children 

  1. For the children: As parents, your present at home is more important than anything else. It is a source of comfort and support for your children. By just listening attentively to them you provide affection, connection and warm. Show your love by expressing words of encouragement. Find out their interests to discover and develop their potential.

  1. Teach morals and values: You do not preach but set examples for the children to follow. To instill politeness, say please and thank to them so that they will do the same to you and others.

  1. Balanced life: A happy family is about a balanced life. Paying attention to your job is just as important as looking after the family. When you do well and are happy at work you bring home happiness too.

  1. Manage finance: An important part of a solid and cheerful family is the management of finance. All financial problems can be avoided if you think more of the family than what you want in life. Set aside an amount for emergency and save as much as possible for your children’s education and for retirement. Mismanagement of money and debt is a source of family problems and unhappiness.

  1. Share housework: Sharing is caring. Involve every one at home to do household chores. Working together is a source of happiness at home.

  1. Avoid argument: Nobody wins in an argument. When someone starts one, the best thing is to remind silence.  You may be right but at what cost?

  1. Have fun together: Shared joy is shared happiness. Go to the mall together or take the whole family for a trip out of town. Having fun together to relax and unwind is an effective way to release stress and pressure of life.

No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity, if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?

Lee Iacocca

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