Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Successful Through Perseverance


According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, perseverance is the determination to keep trying to achieve something in spite of difficulties.

(ren)is the word in Chinese. You will notice in this Chinese character there is a knife renon top pointing at the heart ( xin) at the bottom. The meaning of the word is about patience and endurance. What is more important is that it fully illustrates the virtue of extreme perseverance. How do you effectively embrace the practice of patience and endurance?

1.                       No overnight success: Usually you will only see the glamorous aspect when someone is successful because he or she is in the spotlight. What you may not know is that the person has endured   years of setbacks and hardship in order to achieve what he or she wants in life. It is the person’s persistence that pays off.

2.                      Purpose in life: You carry on because you clearly know what you want and you go all out to get it. You have a clear vision of your desired future.

3.                  Be resourceful: An inquisitive mind and attitude is important to learn new things and adopt better ways to get things done effectively. 

4.           Be creative: Solving problems and getting over setbacks requires creativity. The ability to overcome hurdles in life reduces the stress of going after your goals.   

5.         Belief: You are committed when you keep your goals clearly in sight. You believe yourself and you persist when nothing seems to happen. You exercise patience.

6.                   Change and improve: When things are not going as you have planned, it is important to make changes, try new ways of doing things. This is the only way to improve and make progress. 

7.             Hard work: You can work smart and be productive but you still have to put in a lot of time and effort to realize your dreams. Nothing comes easy.

8.                       Spiritual well-being: Meditate to get peace of mind and ward off negative thoughts from entering your mind.

9.                       A healthy lifestyle: To fortify your will-power to succeed in the long haul, be fit and energetic to withstand pressure and stress.

10.            Be upbeat: Be optimistic about the future and always be cheerful and happy to maintain a high spirits in you.
11.                        Be Motivated: I started blogging and writing articles in 2007. For the first three year, there were very few visitors to my blog. I have persisted and now I can see more activities at my site. My Alexa Traffic Rank has gone up from 7 digits to 700,000 plus. I am truly thrilled and motivated. Rejoice and get excited when you make progress along the way.

With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.  ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton


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