Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be Tech Savvy Be Ahead with a Tablet


Technology evolves from tabletop PC to laptop, notebook, netbook and now tablet. According to Wikipedia, a tablet personal computer is a portable tablet-sized personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device and designed to be operated and owned by an individual.  What are the advantages of owing a tablet such as iPad2, which is now the latest craze?

  1. Productivity: It is more than just sending and receiving emails. Video mirroring makes it possible to share what’s on your iPad with an even bigger screen and an even bigger audience.  Just attach the Apple Digital AV Adapter to your iPad, and you can watch a movie in your living room on your HDTV or do a presentation in a conference room on an HD projection screen.  On iPad, you can review and edit common office documents such as Microsoft Office and iWork files. You can also create beautiful presentations from scratch, craft complex spreadsheets, annotate PDFs, and access important files on your corporate network.    

  1. Internet: A tablet allows you to surf the net, connect online with people through its various social media applications and internet services.

  1. Multimedia: It is a joy to listen to music and  watch movies with your tablet

  1. E-reading and education: The best part of a tablet is that you can catch up with your reading like holding a book. With iPad, the classroom is always at your fingertips.  Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals. Teachers can give lessons, monitor progress, and stay organized.

  1. Games:  Play Angry Birds is not just for the fun of it, but also to relieve your stress. This is what you can do with your tablet after a hard day’s work in the office

  1. Cameras and video recording: According to Apple you’ll see two cameras on iPad — one on the front and one on the back. They’re designed for FaceTime video calling. The front camera puts you and your friend face-to-face. Switch to the back camera during your video call to share where you are, who you’re with, or what’s going on around you. When you’re not using FaceTime, let the back camera roll if you see something movie-worthy. It’s HD, so whatever you shoot is a mini-masterpiece. And you can take wacky snapshots in Photo Booth. It’s the most fun a face can have. Get connect face to face or take vivid images.

  1. Wireless printing: You can print what you see on an iPad with a new generation of wireless printers from HP.

According to the Bible, the Ten Commandments were inscribed on two stone tablets that were given to Moses by God on top of Mount Sinai. You are now more than in command with your tablet. You connect, communicate, educate, inform, learn and are enlightened not just by the Ten Commandments but much, much more. $25 Gift Card (0108)

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