Thursday, March 3, 2011

Effective Ways to get the Job You Want

Get the job you want

Taking a proactive approach is the right way to get your dream job. Here are the things you can do to be ahead of other job seekers.

Your strengths and abilities: What are your dreams? What has inspired you and what is your passion? The first thing to do is to take stock of your strengths and abilities. Find out what you are interested in and good at. It is important to do things that you enjoy doing so that you can develop your potential easily.

Your weaknesses: Do you procrastinate? Do you sleep late? Are you able to get things done as expected? Turn into a new leaf by changing your bad habits into good ones.

Be fit and energetic: Exercise regularly to be fit and energetic. Project an image of alertness and freshness for a positive impression of yourself.  It is important to impress the interviewers positively

Marketable Skills: Learn and develop people and communication skills. Acquire more technical skills so that you are more valuable at the workplace. Employers are looking for staff with multi-skills so that they can employ less people and reduce payroll costs    

Attitude: Be humble and willing to learn from others. Adopt a cheerful disposition and always greet people you meet with a smile. Be adaptive to changes and be receptive to adversities in life and solve problems creatively.

Effective habits: Cultivate useful habits such as getting organized, carrying a to-do list and writing things down. Be responsive and act promptly. Be productive by doing the right things and do it right. 

Target list: To get the right job is to do research of those companies with relevant job openings that are matching to your talents and skills. When you have done your homework, you should visit these companies and see those people who have the power to hire you. This is the most effective way to land a job.

Cover letter: You will impress the person who is going to look at your letter by mentioning his or her name in your cover letter instead of the normal salutation. The most important thing is to list in bullet points your accomplishments at your previous jobs and the qualities that make you the right person for the job. It means telling the prospective employee what you can do for the company.

Resume: Using relevant headings or titles to match the job you want is the most important thing to do. To catch the attention of the person reading your resume, highlight what you can do for the company and how you can solve their problems in the job that you are applying for. It is important to describe in greater detail about the things you do in the previous job. 

Contacts: Maintain close contact with people who can assist you to get a job. You should ask your contacts to introduce those people who have the power to hire staff.   

Online identity: Start a blog and write articles about the subject that you are good at. It is a great place to hone your expertise and get noticed.

Social media: Provide a positive profile at LinkedIn and Facebook. These are places to network with the right people online.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
Neil Peart

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