Friday, March 18, 2011

Be Successful with Positive Self-Awareness

Self-awareness for success

One aspect of self –awareness is the ability to look at yourself critically to identify your strong points to grow and weak points to minimize. Getting to know yourself better is also to make changes and live a better life. 

Understand yourself: Do you understand your attitudes, thoughts and feelings? Do you know your habits? What are your passion and interests? How do you response to things and how do you treat others? What are your strengths and weaknesses? To know yourself is the starting point to transform your life.

Attitudes: Be aware of your attitudes, it is expressed outwardly by how you behave and how you do things. Positive thoughts will contribute to positive mental attitude and act with an open mind.

Self-esteem: Knowing yourself and accepting yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses is a way to build your self-esteem. You learn to be happy as what you are.

Be prepared: According to Weisinger, by developing self-awareness through these five elements (understand what is important to you, understand how your experience things, know what you want, know how you feel and know how other people see you) you will be more prepared to make decisions to your satisfaction and to those who interact with you.

Emotions: To understand your emotions and feeling is to gain better self-control.  Manage your emotions so that you can think clearly and act wisely. Experience more positive emotions and be joyful, confident and hopeful.  The ability to handle stress is an effective way to mange negative emotions and avoid the outburst of anger or rage.

Benefits of goal setting: One big benefit of goal setting is to direct your energy and resources working on your goals to achieve your dreams. You think of what you want in life, what you like to do and what you can do. The most important thing is that your goals are consistent with your beliefs and core values.

Accept and improve: Be responsible and be willing to accept setbacks and mistakes without putting blame on others. Learn from your shortcomings and be wiser the next time.

Self awareness for effective changes: Knowing yourself better facilitates making effective changes. When you are aware that you always procrastinate, you are willing to change and find ways to motivate yourself to take prompt action.

Be happy: When you get to know yourself better, you are able to change and direct your thinking in a positive way. You express love, kindness, appreciation and gratitude. You feel good inside out and you enjoy happiness ultimately.

You can't understand the world and how you respond to it until you first know yourself. You can't change the things you don't like about yourself until you search out the things that influence you and motivate you and hurt you.
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