Thursday, March 17, 2011

Effective Ways to Personal Development

Personal development

One of the advantages of personal development is to develop your talents and turn it into a roaring success. There are many things that you can do to improve yourself. The most important thing is to take action and do it now:

  1. Personal growth: Develop a self-belief system to promote your self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence. Focus on your capabilities and build a personal brand in what you are good at.

  1. Goals and action plan: What are your passion and interests?  Explore all possibilities to develop your potential. Set goals and make a plan to realize your dreams in life.

  1. Change and good habits : Take responsibility of your life and make changes for the better. Changes are about getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Getting up early, giving  up smoking and gambling and controlling your weight are some of the positive changes  you can make

  1. Communication: An important area for improvement is to polish your communication skills. Learn to speak clearly, precisely and fully to get the messages across effectively. Listen attentively to understand the need of others.  Be assertive and ask for what you want. When you do not tell, nobody knows why you want.

  1. Physical growth: Be more active physically. Have a balanced diet and don’t skip your breakfast. Have enough sleep to renew your energy.  Learn to unwind and relax to reduce stress.

  1. Social growth: Getting interested in other people is the way to build effective relationships. Find out what you can do for others. Other will appreciate your attention and take notice of you.

  1. Intellectual growth: Continuous learning is the way to get ahead and stay ahead. Be alert to changes that are taking place around you and be ready to adopt new ways of doing things. .

  1. Personal financial growth: Stay out of debt and build your wealth.  Live within your means according to your budget. Set aside an amount for emergency fund and save for your children’s education and your retirement.

  1. Spiritual and emotional growth:  Create good feeling in you. Meditate to improve your focus and concentration. Be kind, honest, charitable, grateful, respectful and humble. Show gratitude and appreciation. All these will boost your inner peace and a calm mind.

  1. Career growth: Decide and plan your career path. It is crucial to acquire more skills and be a more valuable employee at the workplace. Be more productive and willing to leave your comfort zone and make changes for the better.

  1. Develop Creativity: When you are creative, you differentiate yourself and be ahead of others. Whatever you do, be original and unique to stand out among the crowd

  1. Positive attitude:  Attitudes are thoughts and feelings that lead to action. You do not complain or swear but react to things with a cool calm and collected mind. You learn from the past setbacks and mistakes, live in the present by avoiding making the same mistakes and plan wisely for the future.

  1. Core values: Your values are what you think, how you feel and the way you act.  When you think trust is important, you have the urge to deliver what you have promised and you act promptly to do so. What are your core values? Living a life in accordance with your core values is to live a fulfilling life.

  1. Be happy: Happiness is a positive attitude. It is what your think and how you feel inside. Wake up and get early and tell the world that you are going to be happy throughout the whole day. Act cheerfully and smile at people you meet. Others will find you likable and approachable.

Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.
Herbert Otto



  1. Hi Charles. These are great tips. I especially like number 1. It seems like in Western culture we've lost this idea of focusing on really developing our selves as we become adults. We just seem to assimilate into the hive of cubicles and disappear. Articles like yours help to remind us that we can do better. Thanks for participating in my blog carnival!

  2. Thanks for your comments and thank you for hosting the carnival and the acceptacen of my article.

  3. I found your site through google on Personal Development for Traders and I found you. Hope we can be blog buddies. I too am into blogging but on areas regarding personal growth in forex trading.

    I saw profile of her in Patricia's book. I think she is into insurance. Great for her but like most triumph journey the story behind is filled with pain and hardwork.


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