Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to be successful

Be successful

You are in control of your life. You define and shape your own success in life. Your success is influenced by your inspiration and aspiration. Be inspired by people you admire and be aspired by your passion and vision. You work hard to reach your goals and be successful.

Success = inspiration + aspiration + perspiration

Here are the things you can do to realize your dreams and achieve success as the way you want it to be.

·    Purpose in life: What would you like to be? What do you want to do? What are you good at? What can you do for others? The whole idea is to determine an aim in life so that everything you do is related to your goals. You don’t drift around aimlessly and waste your time and effort. Know precisely what you want in life and go for it

·      Written goals: If your goals are not written it means you are not serious about going after what you want in life. When you put your goals in writing, you are kept posted about the steps to take to reach your objectives. You can review and check your progress from time to time. If necessary you revise and change plans to stay on course.

·      Thoughts: You have control over your thinking and your thoughts control your actions. Think positive to boost your self-esteem. Always look at the bright side of things and be resilient in the face of setbacks and difficulties. Success belongs to those who are focused, determined, persistent and consistent. The person is sure that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

·    Time management: To put in simple term 80/20 principle means you achieve 80% of the results by doing 20% of the work. The whole idea is to simplify your work, be more productive by getting more done in less time. As time is limited, it is important to select only a few important tasks in a day and do well to get the results you want.

·    Energy: To stay alert and energetic you need to exercise every day. You expand energy to get energy, so don’t glue to the TV set after work; go jogging.

·    Change: To change is to improve and make progress. A typical example is the car industry. They don’t stick to a model for long; they change and introduce improved models to sustain their sales. 

·    Self-confidence: Be optimistic and believe in yourself that you will eventually get what you want. You are aware that it is important to work wholeheartedly with concentration to get the daily tasks done to reach your goals.  

·      Creative: To get ahead and stay ahead you conceive and create original ideas to do things differently. Be unique and don’t follow the crowd.

·      Enthusiasm; How do you know you are enthusiastic?  Are you eager to get up when you wake up? If you do, you are anxious to take action and to do things because you know life is hopeful.

·      Get support: Get connected with successful people. Be humble to learn from them. You synergize and share ideas with them to bring success to the next level.

Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.
Paul J. Meyer

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