Friday, April 1, 2011

Effective Ways to be Successful at Work

success at work

Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets.
Working hard and smart is the way to achieve success at work

1.       Productive: To be productive is to work smart and get more things done in less time. At work, it is your ability to   perform that counts. Working effectively is doing the right thing and working efficiently is getting things done right. At the work place it is what you can do and how you do it that determine your success.

2.       Total commitment: Be confident and have the interest of the company at heart. Avoid distractions and be mindful at work. Doing one thing at a time and be focus on the tasks at hand.

3.       Time management:  Starting a new day early is to start work enthusiastically. Be punctual in meetings and appointments to show your care and concern. To manage time effectively is to plan and organize ahead. Carrying a to-do list is to go through a day and get things done smoothly with less stress. 

4.       Help your colleagues: Be interested in others  and solve their problems, they will appreciate what you have done  and will gladly extend a helping hand when you need it 

5.       Support your boss: Work closely with your boss to achieve the goals of the company. Your personal success depends largely on the success of the establishment. 

6.       Team member: A company succeeds because of the cooperative and cohesive operation of a team. The united effort of a team is stronger than individual output. Be part of a team for mutual benefits.

7.       Improve: An effective way to be successful is to take risk and make changes. Making changes is to seek improvement and progress. It is even more urgent to change in order to perform better and avoid being stagnant in your comfort zone.

8.       Mistakes and problems: Your willingness to take responsibilities and not to blame others is a sign of a positive attitude and character. Facing a problem squarely and finding ways to overcome it is another positive sign at work.

9.       Evaluation:  Review from time to time to check your performance for further improvement. Fortifying your strengths and replacing your bad habits with good ones are the ways to go. 

10.   Attitude: Take care of your appearance. Your image is a good indication of how you take care of your work. Look at things positively with an optimistic outlook in life. Inspire others with a positive self-image

11.   Build trust: The key to be successful is to build the trust of others in you  Trust is your ability to perform as expected and to deliver what you have promised in a timely fashion the first time and every time.  When you are trusted, it is easy for you to get what you want.

12.   Competence: You are employed in the area of your expertise. Show others what you can do to build the confidence of others in you.  Acquiring more skills is to be more valuable and be more resourceful at work and be able to contribute more effectively. Update yourself to be ahead and stay ahead, 

13.   Get noticed: Keep your boss posted about your progress at work. If you do not tell, you will not get noticed. Go to your boss and inform him or her how you have solved a problem and not go to him or her with a problem unsolved. You are employed to get things done. 

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.  Vince Lombardi

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