Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Less Be Simple Be Happy

Be less be simple be happy

In life, less is more, simple is plentiful and happiness is about free and easy.
Here are the ways to be less and simple but getting more out of life

  1. Fewer goals: Do not get overwhelmed by trying to be ambitious and achieve too much within a limited time. Select a few goals and be more focused to do quality work. It is also more likely for you to succeed.

  1. Shorter to-do list:  Avoid getting into a stressful situation by having a long list of things to do. In fact, doing less  is getting  more done by working only on a few important tasks,

  1. Less commitment: There is a limit to what you can do. Choose those activities that are important in your life such as health, work, family, relationship building and personal money matters. The most important thing is to be free and easy.

  1. Work less: Be an effective and productive worker in getting the right things done without working overtime. The key to success is a balanced life. Spending time with family will do good for you to work with peace of mind.  

  1. Go slow: Do not hurry by. The only time to enjoy is in the present. The way to do it is to go slow. Reduce your speed in whatever you do to avoid stress and be more aware of what you are doing. Drive a little slower and pay a little bit more attention on the road.  Work at a slower pace to appreciate and enjoy the process of doing something. You feel good when you put your mind in the moment and not thinking of something else.

  1. Want less: Looking for less material wants in life means getting more peace of mind and contentment. When there is no desire there is no feeling of discontentment. 

  1. Watch less TV: Spending less time watching means more time to interact with family members and more time for exercise and reading. Just imagine the huge benefit of a healthy body and an enriched mind.

  1. Less multitasking: Do just one thing at a time instead of multitasking. Your mind can only process one thing at a time. Switching from one job to another is stressful and tiring for the mind.  

  1. Be less at home: Clear the clutter at home and get rid of all unwanted items.  More spacious living encourages positive flow of energy.

  1. Simple and easy life: When you do less, you get more productive, less stress and more freedom out of life.

Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.
- Dr. Koichi Kawana, Architect, designed the botanical gardens

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