Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy and Effective Ways to Be Happy


Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. ~ Margaret Lee Runbeck

Happiness is the by-product of what you think, how you feel and what you do. When you are thinking good, feeling good and doing good for yourself and others, you will get more than just happiness. Here are the ways to go about getting happiness in your life:

1.       In the morning: Don’t get up from the wrong side of the bed. Get up with the right frame of mind. Get up early, think of cheerful thoughts and sing a motivational song to be upbeat and feel good about yourself inside out and all day long.

To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy… is to set our conditions to the events of each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

2.       Create energy: Energy is about alertness, peace of mind and ready to take action. To create energy you exercise daily, sleep sufficiently, eat nutritional food and drink plenty of water. Robust energy promotes good feeling and happiness in you.

3.       Stay connected: Home is the fortress of your solace, peace of mind, joy and happiness. Share the ups and downs of life with love ones. Preserve the harmony at home and let happiness vibrate to other areas of your life. Friends and relatives are your spiritual support. Express your care and concern and you will get more in return. Happiness is about meaningful relationships.

4.       Goals: Happiness is about knowing your direction in life and going boldly towards it. Your goals are your dreams, aspiration, vision and passion. Goals give you hope in life. Hope is a powerful force to generate happiness in you. When the future is looking good, you are feeling good too.

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau

5.       Enjoy the process: Happiness is enjoying doing the task at hand. It is in a state of flow and mindfulness. There are no thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. Living in the present in the greatest joy you can get.

6.       Mental health: To develop a positive mindset is to look at life with optimism. Find joy in what you do and be contented with what you have. Happiness is a positive attitude.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~ Frederick Keonig

7.       Do good and feel good: Think and express gratitude. Do random acts of kindness to warm the hearts of others. Forgiveness is a way to bring love and calmness in you. Be appreciative of what others have done to you. Thinking  good , doing good and feeling good are the genuine ways to be happy.

Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude. ~ Joseph W. Krutch

8.       Observe nature: Take time to appreciate nature and explore the awesomeness of the sun and the moon. Go to the mountain, down to the river and the sea. The only way to do it is to go slow and be lightened up. Nature opens up your heart, calms your mind and creates good feeling in you.

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. ~ Anne Frank

9.       About life: Life is about joy and sorrow, success and failure, good and bad, fairness and unfairness. The most important thing is to react to them positively. Accept and adopt changes in your life. Be delighted in solving problems to build your self-confidence and resourcefulness. Be able to laugh at yourself is a positive way to look at life on a bright note.  When you know what life is all about you will be able to enjoy happiness and more.

What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life. ~ Leo Buscaglia

There is no duty so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. It's really a cool post and very interesting too which I want to share it with my friends.Nice suggestions and really extraordinary.I want to follow those steps to make my life happy.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.


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