Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Get Motivated in Blogging


Blogging is a challenging thing to do because you will know instantly where you stand among all other bloggers. It is a level playing field. The more useful your site is to others the more popular you will be. The deciding factor of your success is your content. You have to write about what others are looking for. The other thing is that your have to promote your site and let others know you exist. The best part is that motivation comes in many ways for bloggers. Here are the things that motivate bloggers like you.

  1. Article writing:  Articles are the life and soul of your site. You will know it when you are happy with an article you have just written. It is because at the time of writing   there is a free flow of ideas from the heart and you feel good about the content. You are motivated to write more and better articles

  1. Subscribers: You are encouraged when you see more subscribers. The number is increasing day after day as shown by the FeedBurner counter at your site.

  1. Technorati Authority: When more links are coming to your site and your Authority Ranking keeps going up, your confidence is boosted. More links to your site  mean approval and acceptance of your site by others  

  1. Google PageRank & Alexa Traffic Rank: You will feel more energetic as the ranking for the site goes up. It means more and more traffic are coming to your site and they like what you do.

  1. Comments: Kind words of readers offer great encouragement for you   to carry on writing quality articles for the readers.

  1. Support from a particular country: When there is a surge of traffic from one particular country which is dormant previously, it is a sign that your site has been discovered. It is worthwhile to hang around your site and viral effect is taking place. It is an indication that your articles are what they are looking for to solve their problems or offer solutions to their problems. It is also likely that they like the way you present your ideas. : You will get to know the traffic from all the countries around the world by looking at statistics from Statcounter.

  1. More site followers: It is an indication that you are doing something right and they want to keep posted of  what you do

  1. More social media followers: When more people like your articles at Facebook and you are getting more followers at Twitter, you know they enjoy what you do. You are, of course, delighted and upbeat.

The secret to get motivated is to motivate others in the first place. Do what you can do to others for good and in turn they will support you and motivate you to do more of the same.  When there is no deposit there is no withdrawal.

Blogging is a long term commitment. You need to be passionate, persistent, consistent and the determination to go on despite the fact that nothing is happening after a couple of months. Have you got what it takes to be a blogger? 

Blogging is like riding a bicycle. You have to keep peddling; the moment you stop,
you fall. 

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