Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unique and Original Articles – 7 Traffic Tips

How do you take advantage of your unique and original articles that you have written to send traffic to your site? Here are the 7 traffic tips:

1. Blog Posts: You write your unique and original articles and post it to your own site. And from your blog you let the search engines search your site by the key words that you have used in your articles. More than 50 % of surfers look for information on the Net by keying in certain search words. When the key words in your article match their searches your article is listed among others by the search engine.

2. Article Distribution: You select from you articles and submit your popular ones to article directories. For each article that you submit you add, at the end of the article, the URL of your site and also the URL of the original article.
When you do these, you comply with Google‘s advise so that the crawler will know where the original article is and also there is no duplication of content. Secondly, you build two backlinks to your site. One is directly linking to your front page and another one is linking to the article page.

3. Social Bookmarking: This is another excellent way to build traffic to your site. When your article is bookmarked, readers will have to click the link at the bookmarking site in order to go to your site to read the full story. You can bookmark you articles at many places: Mixx, Furl, Digg. Reddit, Propeller, Faves and many more.

4 Join Blog Carnivals: This is by far the best way to bring traffic to your site. You can join blog carnivals at When your article is selected, your article link and your blog link can be found in the organizer’s article at his site. It is actually a wonderful one-way backlink to improve your Page Rank and Traffic Rank. Check this carnival that I joined recently at Thatsblog.

5 Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories: By joining blog directories you are also encouraging traffic from other members of the directories to visit your blog. For some directories your articles are listed and linked to your site. Bloglines, Blogarama, Blogdigger, Blogflux and Bloggernity are some of the many directories that you can join and direct traffic to your site.

6 Forums: Participation in forums discussing about subjects relating to your blog posts is also a good way to send traffic to your site because you provide a URL link to your site at your signature panel.

7 Comments: Just like forums when you make comments on other sites you also leave a one-way backlink to your site. When you share a common interest with the site that you have commented you are also prompting the blog owner to visit your site.

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  1. Re:Blog directories

    You should combine the backlinks from blog directories with the backlinks from the articles you submit (on topics closely related to your blog's most important keywords).

    A properly developed backlink program will deliver far more targeted traffic to your blog due to its impact on the search engines than due to the actual directory links themselves.

    I maintain a list of The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites on my blog at:

    Blog Directories

    Since I update this list weekly there are now 328 entries listed with NO DEAD LINKS.)

    Best of success,

    Robert A. Kearse


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