Thursday, October 30, 2008

Education and Your Children

Nowadays seeking quality higher education is just as competitive as the business world.
Just look around you, when it is examination season some parents even go to the extent of taking leave just to accompany their child to get over this critical period. The child is not under pressure but the parents are. We cannot deny having good academic results are the passport to a higher education of your choice. So we cannot ignore the marks scored by your child at school.

How to get better marks in the examinations?

A well-developed mental faculty
A healthy and fit body
High EQ or stable emotion
Effective study methods

When you lack one of them your success rate will be discounted. As long as your child is not dumb he will have the potential to succeed. As long as your child does not fall ill most of the time he is considered healthy. The environment that you bring up your child decides his emotional stability. Parents need to observe their children closely and shower with love and create a happy atmosphere for the child. As for the last point the child needs to work hard to score well, no sweat no gain.

The most important point to remember is that when your child is happy he will be able to do well and get good results. However, when your child does his best and yet he can't score well then you just have to accept the fact. One way to do it is to lower the expectation of your child. Instead of aiming for the top three positions perhaps among the top ten positions will be more practical.

Don’t bother too much about your child academic results. There are cases of children whose results may be so-so while they are at school but they are able to achieve great success in their career. On the other hand there’re cases of children who excel in their study and yet they cannot perform well in their career. Maybe they have a poor relationship with others.

Do not be too happy when your child obtains flying colors in his examinations and too concerned when your child’s results are not as good as expected.

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