Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Syndicate Your Unique and Original Articles and Avoid Duplicate Content

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary “duplicate” (adjective) means exactly like something else; made as a copy of something else. So, duplicate content means the exact content as the original.

On the other hand Google’s crawler is always hungry for unique original articles to be presented to searchers. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog it is stated that
Our users typically want to see a diverse cross-section of unique content when they do searchers. In contrast, they’re understandably annoyed when they see substantially the same content within a set of search results.” In the same article it is further stated that if you syndicate your content on other sites, make sure they include a link back to the original article on each syndicated article. So how do you use your unique and original articles to attract traffic to your site without being suspected of duplication?

From among your articles choose the most popular ones and send them to article directories like ezinarticles.com. At the end of each article that you submit there is a resource box. You put a URL link to your site. At the same time you also put a URL link to your original article.

This is what I have added in the resource box at the end of an article that I submitted to ezinearticles.com:

My Blog: All About Living With Life
Posted originally by the author at: Heart - Love it or Die in 5 Ways

By doing this you are killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, there is no duplication of content, because from the two links crawler will know where the original article is. Secondly, you have 2 one-way backlinks from a site with a Traffic Rank of 268 as at October 22, 2008. One is linking to your front page and another one is linking to your article page.

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